Creating a Worm Habitat

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Creating a Worm Habitat

It all began in September when the children first started to explore the kindergarten playground and school gardens.  The small creatures that contribute to the life of our gardens has been a yearlong interest, and re-emerged when spring finally arrived.  They are now building habitats for the worms, drawing and painting for the worms, and leaving notes for others to read.  One note stated, “Don’t touch the poison worms!”  This was left for the birds so that they would not eat the worms. However, the children reassured us that that it was only “pretend poison”.

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As an observer to this work, we see how so many children have come together for a common purpose, each taking on different roles, negotiating strategies and  feeling a sense of purpose and pride for the what they are engaged in.  Yet again, they are showing us their strong connection to nature and their innate sense of wonder.


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