Learning and Engaging in French through Performances

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Learning and Engaging in French through Performances

Today Inquiring Minds is delighted to bring you a post from Richland Academy’s French department.  At Richland, students learn French from a very early age through gestures, which initially develop into conversational skills, and further develop into grammatical confidence and writing in the higher grades. After 3 to 4 months of work through plays in French; including practicing oral conversations, script reading, rehearsals and answering questions about the play, our students mastered their roles. It’s apparent with each performance that Richland students take great joy performing it in front of an audience of students, families and Faculty.During our most recent performances, Richland’s French teacher, Monsieur Groshi was delighted to see how our students dealt with all of the components of the language including:  comprehension, pronunciation, production, and acting.  In their performances he also observed motivation, confidence and joy. It was clear that the students had fun and, at the same time, the audience was entertained.   All of this, while in the process of learning a second language. “I am very proud of our students and their accomplishments!”


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