Capturing a Moment of Learning – From an Engaged Prek Parent

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Capturing a Moment of Learning – From an Engaged Prek Parent

In honouring our Earth, the children were asked to collect their favourite treasure and ‘pieces of the Earth’ to share with their friends.  Excitement and joy was spoken from the children, as they embarked on nature walk with families, dug for nature in their gardens and alongside their parents, searched for their chosen pieces. As one child hunted for a piece of nature, a learning connection was made and shared by the child’s parents. Through the power of parent engagement, we wish to share her discovery with you. “She was on our front lawn jumping around our birch tree (where we got the bark for Earth Day). As she climbed around the lower trunk and picked up small fallen branches, I could hear her talking to herself about ‘the birch tree’.”

She rushed into share: “I found a rock in the backyard to bring to school for Earth Day.”

She then went back out and came back with a larger rock and shared, “I found a giant rock for school…”Seems like some great things are happening, thanks so much! (Experience shared by Ms. V)

A true personal learning experience was captured by listening, allowing a parent to be captivated by the learning connection… A most profound, Reggio Inspired moment. Partnerships with families and communities strengthen the ability of early childhood settings to meet the needs of young children.  (From Early Learning for Every Child Today, 2006.)


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