Infograph It! Grade 6 Data Management

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Infograph It! Grade 6 Data Management

Richland students were challenged to create an Infographic about an issue surrounding water conservation. Students conducted research, created surveys, organized their information and data, while finally synthesizing their information to prove a point about water in an Infographic. So what is an Infographic? It is “a graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. It is often shared through social media websites such as Twitter or Facebook”.

Some of the students Infographs: Bottle ConsumptionSave Water and Imagine Drinking that much Water.

“Social media, with its lightning speed and viral powers, is the perfect tool for activism, and students are no exception.” – Sara Bernard

From the Teacher’s Perspective

Students were self-motivated, energized and creative throughout this learning process. Through this project, I saw a self-regulated and empowered learner who was able to realize the extent of their own skills as well as the power of the internet. Through these Infographics and through social media, the students were able to share a message that was important to them, and in a mathematical way.


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