5 Learning Strategies that Make Students Curious

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5 Learning Strategies that Make Students Curious

Curiosity killed the cat.

It is that magical of all magical ingredients that brings learning to life (or to the end of it, in the case of the dear cat) we call curiosity. We cannot manufacture it, but we know it when we see it, and we can certainly cultivate it in our students.

Richland’s engaging environment and Reggio-inspired Inquiry learning approach encourage students to be curious, and to seek knowledge and understanding. Richland’s faculty thoughtfully nurture curiosity in our students, and the learning that unfolds is evident of the significant role it plays.

We are sharing a link to Terry Heick’s teachthought.com post which provides further insight on the 5 recommended learning strategies, which include:

1.       Revisiting old questions, continue the conversation.
2.       Fostering ambition and the desire to know.
3.       Play.
4.       The right collaboration at the right time.
5.       Providing diverse and unpredictable content.


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