Rocks, Art and Poetry – A Grade 4 Journey

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Rocks, Art and Poetry – A Grade 4 Journey

Richland’s Grade 4 Class recently began exploring rocks and minerals through their Investigative Research.  As their investigation unfolded, they discovered an artist and environmentalist in Nova Scotia, Sharon Nowlan. Upon seeing her work, the Grade 4 Students were inspired to construct their own artistic pebble creations.  Building on the work of Ms. Nowlan, who shared one of her poems with our students, they began to also write poetry about the art they had created. This is another example of the convergence of learning that happens at Richland – through science, creativity and expression – and how it all connects. Below are some of the poems and art pieces created by our Grade 4 Students. Please explore the documentation outside their classroom to see the original work, and talk to the artists themselves!  Inquiring Minds will continue to follow the rocks and minerals learning journey of our Grade 4 Students.



  • Amy Pitt: Performing Arts Teacher at Richland Academy
    March 7, 2013 at 8:57 am

    These poems and works of art are so beautiful. I’m very impressed and can’t wait to work on songwriting in the future with this group!

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