The 21st Century Learning Initiative

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The 21st Century Learning Initiative

“The Initiative believes that the more that is discovered about how the brain works and the various motives which drive human behaviour, the more we are convinced that education has to be about much more than intellectual development, and that learning and schooling are certainly not necessarily synonymous.”

Do you find yourself wondering what all these references to 21st Century Learning are, and why they matter? At Richland Academy, we challenge ourselves as educators every day to ensure we are preparing our students to be ready for the future. While we may not know what that world will look like; we work to ensure our students have the skills necessary to succeed through research and collaboration with fellow educators.

There are many links and resources available which highlight and support 21st Century Learning. Richland’s Reggio-inspired Inquiry Learning philosophy recognizes many of the findings associated with learning in the 21st Century, and here is a link to The 21st Century Learning Initiative, a site dedicated to promoting a Vision, Knowledge, Experience and a Network. This site informs our work as professionals at Richland, and we thought it might be of interest to you as well.


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