“When you touch the rainbow, it changes the colours.”

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“When you touch the rainbow, it changes the colours.”

Our Prek children are deeply engaged in using technology within the classroom on a weekly basis. They are learning to print their first names on the Epson Board; exploring the alphabet and sounds with the Letterland Software; developing their artistic skills with drawing; investigating the concept of math, and their favourite, reading Richland’s blog!

“Technology is best able to support learning when children use it to expand their knowledge in hands-on, engaging, and empowering ways.” (NAEYC, Young Children, May 2012) Technology gives young children the opportunity to explore and manipulate a variety of materials. When technology is balanced with outdoor play, interactive hands-on experiences, technology can be a valuable part of the Preschool experience. Young children learn best in this way of teaching.

“Technology is one of the most ever growing and rapid changing tools of education, I have explored during my teaching career. It opens up a world of possibilities for our children.”                  – Mrs. Abreu

Young children are surrounded by technology at home, in their community, and increasingly, in early childhood education programs. Preschoolers use computers to create: art, make music, tell and record stories, hear their stories read back to them, and play educational games, that can connect with off-screen learning and play. Careful planning of computer and technology use lets children explore and investigate new opportunities.

“Education is not the filing of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” – W.B. Yeats


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