VISITS FROM ‘OMA’ – “Nothing without Joy”

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VISITS FROM ‘OMA’ – “Nothing without Joy”

Reggio schools encourage families in many different ways to become involved in the childrens’ learning journeys. Reggio educators stress that schools are not substitutes for families, but rather “a system of connections and interaction among children, home, and school” (Lewin-Benham, 2006, p. 26).We are always excited and grateful for visits from our families. Mya’s grandmother (a retired school teacher), will be joining us once a week, and bringing another perspective, and much expertise, to our busy kindergarten classroom. For the past two weeks she has brought in materials for the children to create imaginary birds with. This week the children will be using sand, shells and pinecones to create a winter scene. The children are always excited to see “What’s in her bag”, and love listening to the wonderful books she reads to them.




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