Learning in the 21st Century

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Learning in the 21st Century

At Richland we are continually learning. We strive to deliver the learning experiences our students will need for the future, and delve through research and articles to inform the work we do.

This is the first installment of our ‘Learning in the 21st Century’ blog postings. The articles, videos and books referenced, in many cases, highlight the educational needs that are not being met for students today; as well as make suggestions as to how students need to learn for the future.  Through these postings, it will become increasingly clear that Richland’s Reggio-inspired Inquiry Learning prepares our students for the 21st Century.

We hope you derive insight from the series and look forward to your feedback. To start with, here is an astute article from educator George Couros, who sheds light on the question, “21st Century Schools or 21st Century Learning?


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