Authentic Experiences – Naming the Budgerigars

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Authentic Experiences – Naming the Budgerigars

The Senior Kindergarten Class are in the process of investigating birds. Two budgerigars arrived in the classroom this morning, with a note on their cage. The children had been asked how to name them. At morning gathering many ideas were discussed, and a consensus reached. There were three pairs of names that the children finally decided that they wanted to put forward. “Pecky and Becky”, “Tweety and Meety”, and “Raya and Robin”. It was wonderful to have such an authentic experience for the children. Math and literacy could be built into this experience as they problem solved a real life situation. They are very engaged in practicing rhyming at the moment, as well as “sounding out” in our Literacy workshops. This was very evident by their responses. It was also an opportunity to count, collect data, and practice graphing skills as they came to an agreement.


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