JK Children and Parents Engage in the ‘Frog Journey’

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JK Children and Parents Engage in the ‘Frog Journey’

During our recent Science Inquiry Festival, our JK students used a variety of materials to build with and express their frog ideas with their parents, including sharing their photography images, creating frogs in Origami, painting watercolour masterpieces, designing a model magic tadpole family, and observing the tadpole habitat.
“Partnerships with families and communities strengthen the ability of early childhood settings to meet the needs of young children.”


  • richlandadmin
    June 5, 2012 at 11:11 am

    Some ‘Science Inquiry Festival’ Thoughts from our JK Parents:
    • “We thought that the best part was the children calling out the titles of the slides, on the slide show. They were the… ‘chorus’!”
    • “We loved the tadpole updates each day at home. The experience was valuable because the children could see the changes in the tadpoles.”
    • “[My daughter] is a joyful, courageous and smart girl. I loved her project!”
    • “I was most interested to see that [my daughter] picked up the ‘life cycle’ and that she was most engaged in the learning.”
    • “[My daughter] so enjoyed the project! She came home and did, ‘Did you know that…?’ questions with us and especially her brother. She also found a book on ‘Amphibians’ as she developed her interest in frogs. She looked at this book frequently at home.”