SK-Grade 4 Classes Visit the Toronto Zoo

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SK-Grade 4 Classes Visit the Toronto Zoo

On May 1st, our SK-Grade 4 classes visited the Toronto Zoo for an educational field study. As part of their Investigative Research, our students observed, sketched, and measured animals (both new and familiar) and their enclosures. Students also had the opportunity to visit the three elephants currently at the Zoo, that are soon to be transported to a sanctuary in California better suited for their needs.

The SK class visited the Butterfly Section and looked at animals from around the world. Following their interest in Canada and its landscape, our Grade 1 class went to the Tundra to observe Canadian animals in their habitats, and explored measurement in context, while our Grade 2 and 3 classes explored and compared animals from Canada and different continents. Our Grade 4 class explored measurement in context and conservation efforts for Species-at-Risk in the real-world, paying close attention to how Zoos may benefit these animals, and what is necessary in order to protect and conserve these majestic creatures. They will be applying their learning through the design of improved enclosures for the Species-at-Risk they have become acquainted with.


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