Birdfeeder Dilemma

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Birdfeeder Dilemma

Our SK’s noticed that the squirrels have been stealing all of the birdseed! What can we do?

  • “We could cover the birdseeds with other seeds the squirrels don’t like, then they won’t know where to find them.” (William)
  • “We could plant seeds under the birdfeeder, like sunflowers.  The squirrels can then eat the plant instead.” (Jerry)
  • “Find out whatever the squirrels are scared of, and whatever they are scared of we could make.” (Alexia)
  • “Make a scarecrow.” (Daniel)    “That will scare the birds too!” (Caden)
  • “We could put a big microphone at the window and someone can sleep here.  When morning comes he sees the squirrel, and does the noise and scares it away.” (Jerry)

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