Examining Canadian Coins

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Examining Canadian Coins

As a follow-up to their initial investigation into Canadian coins, our JK children were re-asked, “What are coins?” and “What do you know about coins and money?” After making inquiries, observations and gaining further knowledge, some of their fascinating responses included:

  •  “The coins are made of metal.”  “Coins are not the same.” (Zen)
  • “Coins are like money when you go to the store to pay for something.”  “There are maple leaves on the penny.”(Insiyah)
  • “When some people don’t have coins, you can give them some.”  “There is a picture of a boat on the dime.” (Arisa)
  • “Some coins are silver.” (Marziah)
  • “Some are golden. The penny has a leaf on it.” (Parisa)
  • “You can pay with them.” (Arjun)
  • “The shape of the coin is a circle. On nickels there is a beaver on a log.” (Kian)
  • “The Queen of England is on the coins.” (Olivia)


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