“…And Millions of Butterflies Will Come”

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“…And Millions of Butterflies Will Come”

After paintings of butterflies began appearing in the SK classroom, the children began to explore and share their existing knowledge of butterflies:

  • “Butterflies eat leaves.  I’ll pick them and Jerry can help.  Butterflies come in the Spring.” (Daniel)
  • “Butterflies fly fast.  You have to sneak up and have a net to catch them.” (Jerry)
  • “If a butterfly hears you he will fly away.” (Pranav)
  • “Butterflies come back from their hibernation.” (Alexia)
  • “Butterflies build another cocoon and hide in there.”  (Vismay)
  • “Butterflies fly south where it is warmer.” (Annie)
  • “They come out of an egg, wait in the cocoon 4 weeks and then are a butterfly.” (Madeleine)
Showing a particular interest in butterfly eggs, they learned to write the names of the different eggs by tracing their species names on the WhiteBoard, and began to create three-dimensional items, based on their new ideas.

Over the coming weeks, the children will be exploring and investigating butterflies through the “100 Languages of Children”.  A live caterpillar larvae will be coming into the classroom to help them with their inquiries.


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