“We Were Like a Building Team!”

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“We Were Like a Building Team!”

Recently, our JK students collaboratively created an elaborate impromptu building piece, later sharing their ‘stories’ and giving the experience full meaning for them:

  • Zackary shared that, “We thought that we made a rainbow. We laid it down so that the animals could walk over and on the rainbow!”
  • Sophia described “a tower” that she made to add to the structure. Her prior knowledge about ‘towers’ and ‘castles’ from fairy tales resonated with her, as she explained a certain part of the building project.
  • Kian shared that, “It started on the stump of log that is on the carpet in our classroom. It went all over the carpet. We saved it to show you. I think we made a zoo for the King Lion.”
  • Olivia’s thought was that, “It looks like a jungle.” She also shared a most intriguing thought that, “We were like a building team!”


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