SK Visit to the Bank

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SK Visit to the Bank

As part of their research on money and banks, our SK’s headed out for an exciting and engaging ‘field’ trip to a “real live” bank.

Students had the opportunity to explore the machine that makes cheques (the “protectograph”), and visit both the Boardroom and the vault, where they learned about safety deposit boxes, note counting machines, and timed vaults, whose handles they were allowed to spin. The students had many questions for the bank associates: “How many people in Canada use a bank?” Annie asked.  “Do they make money in the bank?” Rafael wondered.  “Do you have to pay money to take money out?” was Pranav’s question, which led the discussion to an explanation on how to deposit and withdraw money out of a bank account.

The children came away with a new understanding of what they would find in a bank, and what its purpose was.  Their interest in money continues, and along with coins, they are now noticing the pictures, letters and numbers found on bank notes.


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