Measuring Pumpkins

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Measuring Pumpkins

How could we measure something that is round?  The SK’s had a great deal of fun trying to solve that problem today.  Alexia and Catherine immediately fetched the classroom rulers, but found they had a problem.  “You need to bend them,” Alexia suggested.  “Maybe we need something round,” Catherine replied.

“Maybe you can use your hands” was William’s suggestion, and he went off to find a partner.

“I know.  I can get a long piece of paper and put it round the pumpkin”, said Caden.  “I am going to cut out a large circle”, Rafael proposed.

In the end, Caden and Rafael came up with the same solution.  They cut out strips of paper, joined them, added numbers onto them, and then compared their measurements.  They wondered why they were not the same.  We will be investigating that new problem  over the next few days.


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