Experimenting with Wheels in PK

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Experimenting with Wheels in PK

The PKs have been thoroughly enjoying playing with wheels and ramps in the playground.

During an extended play time, the PKs asked if they could bring the wheels and ramps out. They brought out the wheels and then added a challenge: “What can we use instead of ramps to make our wheels roll?” And off they went!

What followed were many hands-on discoveries: the wheels flew down the Muskoka chair, but only the one with a small “bridge” where the back and seat met. Next, Matthew started rolling wheels down the slides and others joined in. As so many discoveries at this age, while looking for rolling surfaces, the PKs  also discovered that though the wheels didn’t roll down the fence, they did balance at the top!

After having exhausted different structures, we asked the PKs: “What about the new hill in our playground?” The PKs had already thoroughly enjoyed rolling down this hill themselves, and now they discovered that their wheels rolled down too. Up and down they went, chasing after their wheels and seeing whose got the farthest. But could the wheels go up the hill? The PKs shared their theories: “I think so!”, “Yes!”, but soon discovered that it wasn’t as easy as the wheels going up.

Through hands-on experimenting, the PKs learned about smooth and rough surfaces, and started thinking about balance and gravity (but don’t tell them, they were just having a great time playing with wheels!)



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