Apple Printing in PK

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Apple Printing in PK

The PK children experimented with colours, numbers and shapes while printing with apples.

They selected paint colours based on the apples that they had gathered- yellow, red and green. They carefully cut open the apples in different directions, and the children excitedly counted the seeds that became visible inside. In one apple they counted up to six seeds!

Sebastian was amazed to see a “star shape” in the middle of the apple after we removed the seeds. Some of the red and yellow paint mixed to form orange, and Alexia exclaimed “Apples can’t be orange”!

Within the prints the children observed “circles,” “round shapes” and “stars”.

After completing the painting, the children enjoyed looking at the painted apples, which had changed from “white inside” to “beautiful colours!”




  • Alphonse Power
    January 8, 2012 at 8:16 am

    Appreciate it for helping out, fantastic information.