A ‘Rectangle’ of Friends in JK

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A ‘Rectangle’ of Friends in JK

Today the JK embarked on a ‘collaborative progettazione’, exploring the realm of ‘Relationships through Friends’.

A poem was read to introduce the unit of interest.

Several questions were asked of the JK children and recorded for documentation:

  • What do ‘friends’ do together?
  • What are you going to draw about ‘friends’?
  • What are you going to show or tell about ‘friends’?

It was decided by the JK that, ‘It was not a circle of friends’, but a ‘rectangle of friends’ since we were sitting around two rectangular tables.

The children ‘staked’ out a space and began to draw pictures about what they felt about the questions that were posed to the group.

Arjun shared that, ‘It’s a project!’
Olivia told us that, ‘It was her and Insiyah playing in her pool.’
Arisa stated that, ‘I am sharing the flower with Marziah’.
Zackary said that, ‘Me and Gabriel are playing with the toys.’
Marziah told us that her picture was about ‘Me and my friend…Dad!’

As you can see by the children’s words ‘sharing’, ‘playing together’ and ‘sharing experiences with friends’ come into important play in JK, as we explore further through interactive and collaborative experiences.


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